Well the answer to that question for me is a definite NO! I don’t think it’s customary for women to always wear leggings, pants or jeans while riding a bike, which I personally find boring, mundane and a bit limited. Dress and skirts is an option which I strongly feel can be worn while riding a bike.
However, I do think that when it comes to wearing a dress or skirt for a bike ride, there are certain types that you can’t wear. For instance, you can’t wear a pencil dress or skirt for a bike ride, because it will cause restrictions in your legs, which should be meant for pedaling. So I suggest you go for a flowing shirt or dress that won’t hinder or cause restrictions on your legs.
Go For A Semi Lengthy Dress
Another thing you should consider while wearing a dress or shirt for a bike ride is for you to go for a semi-lengthy dress. Primarily this will help give you protection from the wind from revealing your underwear. This shouldn’t be a limiting factor to your fashion sense and freedom, because you should always wear bike shorts under your clothing to make it work. Make sure you don’t go for too lengthy dress or shirt, because this may also get in the way of your pedaling, your best option is to go for a dress or skirt just below the kneecap.
Overall I do think anyone can go biking with whatever clothing or style they want. It all depends on how comfortable and stylish you want to be. That said, I do not think summer is the best time to go biking especially here in Florida, because it is super-hot. One time I went biking, and it was as if I was going to pass out because it was scorching. I was sweaty and felt gross, and it isn’t such an easy thing to maintain your look while biking.

Now let’s talk about shoes! How realistic do you think it is for one to ride on heels? Well, I do think is realistic, because I have done it once. I felt comfortable riding with my heels and sexy also. My heels didn’t come off. All you need to do as regards heels is to make sure you don’t go for a big or slightly oversized heel, go for heels that fit you perfectly and that you’re comfortable in. That’s all I have for you guys. XOXO ??

Dress: nastygal
Shoes Raye via revolve
Basket freepeople.


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