D9E5A8C0-7F82-41A9-82D8-E00B55595046B920A33E-7B48-4B58-A330-0AB4FECCF8F0D6568D26-8E9E-46F4-9C0B-7F784FA6B726E1D538E7-94FE-4FFF-AECA-2FBD182939273268F073-1CF6-4576-AC5F-3039E4910898BCECD808-AB2C-4C0C-8408-CAD7712F441D3268F073-1CF6-4576-AC5F-3039E4910898C4718E6D-B0FD-422D-B029-4812F4E1FB5506ED0985-B78F-48CD-9E7F-2D27474230E417BEE44F-D433-49FB-AAC2-A6EA84E7A0DE04A60583-9525-4842-B488-E497DC735137Over the years, fashion trends have always been recycled by one generation or the next. Truly many trends really deserve a comeback, while others have gone into extinction. Trends like stirrup leggings are some of such deserving fashion.
In my early days, I had imagined stirrup leggings, trousers or jeans to be awkward and inappropriate for me , but now, I have a different perception of them, owing to life’s realities. Furthermore, I have never been a fan of every new fashion trend that hits the bloc. Some may appeal to me after a while, others I may never like, and they are some sterling designs that captures my fantasy in an instant (of course I may have a second thought in the future).
Stirrup leggings can be worn with different footwear under the shoes or over the shoes, but to appear more elegant  I decided to worn it with heels which give me a more classy appearance.
Recently, I purchased an oversized sweater on purpose, because I felt it will be inappropriate for my sweater to be too tight on me. The mickey print on the sweater made it look cool. It has always been my goal to wear a crop top on leggings. Basically, my mood determines what I put on, but if I can’t appear the way I had imagined, I will wait for an appropriate time.
Now to net bags, my love for net bags knows no bounds. Against the popular misconception, I believe net bags are not only meant for beaches. Net bags can be worn on anything, one only need to have a creative sense for the right combination. Net bags gives one that frenzy, fun and edgy feelings, when worn with this outfit.
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Shoes zara
Leggings lovers + Friends via revolve
Bag rock rose
Sweater Bershka via asos

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