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Hello lover, Today is my day off even though I have much to get done. I find myself in bed browsing online. Anyway, let’s talk about matching set.


If you are lazy like I am (just kidding, LOL) matching set is the way to go. You save yourself the trouble of looking for the perfect top or bottom to match your outfit. The best part is that each piece can be also be worn separately. Isn’t that great? And whenever I wear each piece separately, I feel like it is a brand new outfit. That is the best of both worlds!


Don’t be afraid to mix-and-match pieces. Sometimes, you can achieve a better look uncoordinated, than when it is coordinated. A mix and match can be as simple as wearing the jacket of a particular set with a dress from another set as long as the pieces combine in a beautiful way. I may not have the pictures of me wearing this set separately to show you guys, but I am certain you get the idea. I intend to rewear them separately to help you see what I mean.


Let’s move on and talk about the shoes and bag. I’m a big fan of color combos. As you would have noticed, my shoes and bag are yellow and my set is red. The question I asked myself while creating this look was this, “Do these two colors go together?” Well, the obvious answer is YES, they do. Nevertheless, I was still careful combing them together, because wearing a wrong color can make or break an outfit even if the pieces are nice.


Quite frankly, not all colors combine together perfectly. When creating a matching set, be careful about how you contrast colors. Usually, we blend light hues and dark hues in a set. However, if you are puting together two bright hues like I am, be sure to go for a blend that is easy on the eyes and flatters your colour or look. View the overall set as one mosaic.


I prefer to think about colors I am comfortable in and which don’t leave me feeling like a walking collage (although occasionally, if you blend a collage piece with another piece which has one of the colours in the collage, it works just fine).

Ultimately, I always want my outfit to look interesting and not foolish. XOXO ?


Set freepeople

Shoes Marciano

Bag zara 

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