Hello fashionistas, Now we all love clothes and love looking good enough to make an amazing fashion statement. While that is often our goal, getting a stylish look with a touch of class really does not need you emptying your wallet at a designer store. With just a few right combinations you can go from plain to fabulous. So to buttress my point, I put together this simple yet stylish outfit. Let’s talk about how I arrived at my look. The outfit I have on was purchased online at urban fitters clearance section. Ofcourse it was at a very affordable rate. It went for as low as $29.99.

It’s a lovely outfit by itself but seemed a bit boring. To add some sparkle and glam to the overall look, I had to bring in my fashion game by accessorizing. Here’s where the trick is. Only two accessories were used to make this simple outfit look expensive. With only a belt and a scarf you can achieve this look. So what I did was, I placed a great looking scarf on one shoulder and added a stylish belt to my waist. Don’t let the great looks of the scarf scare you off. This baby is super affordable. For as low as $9.99 I obtained it at urban outfitters clearance section. I rounded up my look with a pair of golden shoes and a clutch. The belt however made me spend a little more. It was the most expensive piece I had on. Every other fashion item was reasonably priced. My gold shoes for example which is about two to three years in my possession was purchased at Asos for a price below $100. My clutch on its part was purchased at Bebe years back.This goes to say that fashion does not imply pumping all your cash into possessing some items in order to stand out. A true fashionista can combine the most affordable of outfits and accessories and step out looking like a million bucks.

Now let’s discuss why exactly I opted for a scarf and a clutch when accentuating my look. Scarfs are not just limited to fall season for the purpose of creating warmth. They can be added to an outfit to boost it at anytime, irrespective of season. Fashion infact has no season. With that in mind I freely styled myself. My clutch on its part was selected to tone down my bright outfit. I carefully chose it because of its nude (black) color. When rocking a bright outfit, it is advisable you opt for nude accessories to balance it out. You don’t want to look like a rainbow.

Finally I kept my make up light and simple. I’m not a pro at makeup, but, what I do know is that excess make up can ruin your entire outfit. Now we wouldn’t want that. Would we?. Keep it simple yet classy.


Dress, urban outfitters

Scarf, adidas

Belt, Gucci

Shoes, asos

Clutch, bebe 


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